Miranda Hall (b. 1975) and Andy Schwanbeck (b. 1983) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Miranda and Andy run Big Press Little Press together from their home in Pittsburgh, PA. The shop was initially established in 2014 with its first large collection of lead type and two printing presses, one big and the other small. Specializing in novelty prints and various passion projects, BPLP has been a reliable escape for the duo as they both pursue full-time careers in design and design education.

In response to the curator's statement:
There is a humanity in nature that we should all take pause to learn from. A forest serves as one of the greatest examples of this. The trees within it work together as a community to support one another and provide for others. A healthy forest represents a delicate balance of a shared consumption and compassion by all parts within it. Looking to the future, humanity must pay attention to what the natural world has to say.

In the making of this work, we found ourselves influenced by the beautiful prints of Brian Nash Gill and the poetic words of Richard Powers in his novel, The Overstory.


Images courtesy of the artist.

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